Michael Emilio Rodriguez (competitor)

Post made by competing forum owner to discredit me, and convince people to post at his forum instead of mine.
Post made by competing forum owner to discredit me, and convince people to post at his forum instead of mine.

Michael owns and runs the forum at gamblingforums.com. Using a fake name on his own forum, he posted nonsense about me to convince people to post at his forums instead of mine.  His initial post is shown left (click to enlarge).

I don’t care who he is or that he runs a “competing” forum. But I do care that he’s posting nonsense to attack me using a fake name, and censors my posts which defend myself.

Points To Consider

  • Michael denied the allegations when I explained to members what he did.
  • I posted proof that Michael was lying, and he promptly removed the proof.
  • After his behavior being exposed, Michael continued a vengeful smearing campaign on various other websites, such as scam report websites. For example, he posted the below at TrustPilot.com.

Firstly, the post isn’t even believable. He claims to have purchased both my system and computers, and both failed. Why buy again if one failed? Secondly, he claims he lost money. Why anyone bet a vague “thousands” without testing and knowing effectiveness? Thirdly, there is no player of mine that has claims such as these, especially at the time of the post. No real player fits the profile. You may not know this for sure, but I do. Anyone can make anonymous claims about anyone on the Internet.

  • Michael claimed he removed my posts because they were “off-topic”. After he denied the allegations, I posted the responses below (he removed them too):


More To Consider

The focus of the attacks at gamblingforums.com were about me as the owner of the “top roulette forums”. It seemed like something another forum owner would post. Some of his comments are below:

WARNING: The owner of the Top Roulette Forums, Steven George Hourmouzis, is a Convicted Scammer


But what really dropped my jaw to the floor is that he actually runs the top roulette forums which from my research it seems he bought from the original owners so that he could peddle his scam systems with an air of legitimacy in front of thousands of unsuspecting customers like myself. Talk about a conflict of interest!

What I don’t understand is, if all his history is so well known and published all over the internet for all to see, how can so many people participate in his forums and give his scams the exposure he so desperately wants to prey on more and more lurkers such as myself? Don’t they realize they are aiding and abetting a convicted scammer? Think about it, the more posts they make on his forums, the better his forums rank, the more traffic they get, the more lurkers show up, the more people he scams. It’s sickening!

How are people still participating on his forums and helping him peddle this ridiculous scam?

So do you aid and abet Steven Hourmouzis as well and are afraid he might think my exposure of his scams came from you and therefore upset your criminal friend? Anyone who would aid and abet (and defend) a known convicted scammer and associate themselves with a known criminal is just as bad as the scammer and criminal himself. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Turbogenius, do you acknowledge that Steven Hourmouzis, the owner of the roulette forums you participate on and where Steven peddles his scam systems, is a convicted scammer? Yes or no? Don’t dodge the question.

The activities you described (eg. watching movies, listening to music) are 100% passive, whereas participating in the forum of a convicted scammer is 100% active. When you watch a Tim Allen movie, you aren’t making more people consider doing cocaine. However, when you add content to a convicted scammer’s site who is using that same site to advertise and peddle his latest scam, you are directly contributing to the site, you are directly contributing to the additional traffic to the site, and you are therefore directly perpetuating the scam.

  • Michael allowed “clickable links” to websites that discredited me. But he censored links that had material to refute the false allegations. So he was clearly being a biased moderator, and I suggested he had an interest in discrediting a competitor, and that perhaps calling the forum “uncensored” wasn’t appropriate. He removed my post.

More about Michael Emilio Rodriguez

I’ve wasted enough time on Michael. I’m not interested in discrediting Michael and want nothing to do with him. But for you to do your own research, and for the benefit of people who he’s also harmed in any way, I’ve included information about him below.

  • He previously worked as a freelance real estate agent
  • Michael had been accused of running a particular forum where he developed a reputation for biased moderation. He since closed that forum. When Michael was asked if he ran any previous gambling forums, he responded:

No, we are 100% independent and have no affiliation with any past or present gambling-related communities.

  • After declaring bankruptcy, his debts were wiped. This means he escaped his obligations to pay debts, which is bound to make people unhappy. So he moved from Florida to Spain. It’s part of the reason he wants to hide his identity. There are other reasons although I’m not interested in discrediting him.