Jamie Hincks

Jamie Hincks was a member of my forum at www.vlsroulette.com. He was exposed for attempting to scam people. Now he posts fake reviews about me for revenge.

Jamie Hincks posted under the name of “Mr Green”. He promoted a roulette system for sale he called the “Holy Grail”. He told other members he purchased it and won a large amount, and that everyone should buy it too.

One of Jamie’s fraudulent posts:

Jamie published the email address of the person he claimed sold the system. As the administrator, I warned members that the email address was linked to Jamie’s own forum account. This meant that Jamie was lying, and asking people to buy his own system.

Jamie admits his deception:

Still I let him continue trying to sell his system. I did this in the interests of transparency.

However, other members and myself rightfully asked him a series of questions, and eventually revealed his other claims were also lies.

Jamie has sought revenge by publishing fake reviews on Trustpilot and a few other websites.

See the whole thread where Jamie’s scam was exposed

One of Jamie Hinck’s fake reviews on Trustpilot.com

To any reasonable mind, his negative review isn’t even be believable. For one thing, the $100,000+ loss is ridiculous. Any normal person would stop playing if they’d lost a slight amount. Additionally, my system’s instructions clearly explain only to bet real money after first winning consistently in practice sessions. There’s more I could say, but I’d rather not waste the time.

Jamie isn’t the only person who publishes fake reviews as revenge, even though all I did was tell the truth.