Forester (Miro Zirdum)

Miro Zirdum (Forester) is a ‘competing’ roulette computer developer. Most of his false claims are regarding issues regarding using mobile phones for roulette computer development, although he makes various false claims about me. His deception is extensive, and even falsely claims I said specific things so he can discredit me. But I don’t have time to address everything.


False Claim 1: Mobile phones cannot possibly process accurate timings

To address his claim, I sent my roulette computer to a well-known neutral, respected and experienced roulette player named Ronjo. The idea was he’d do independent testing and report back to the roulette community. Ronjo verified my claims and that Forester’s claims were false. See details of Ronjo’s testing.

You can also see recorded tests where I compare my Uber roulette computer model with his FFA model (click here to see the comparative testing). These tests were done solely to compare each computer’s ability to process manual clicking errors. Anyone with multiple computers can do the same test.


False Claim 2: He has my system and believes it can only achieve a small edge

Forester doesn’t have my system. He has a PDF document that I send to new players as an introduction. This document explains the basics of roulette wheel physics, and a simple technique that can beat roulette under certain conditions. Forester bases his analysis of my system entirely on this document. Anyone can get this document for FREE at

He has since been corrected, but is not interested in the truth. Forester has very little knowledge of my system and is in no position to evaluate it. He is also well aware that the free techniques I provide on are legitimately effective, but it is not convenient for him to state this.


False Claim 3: My Hybrid roulette computer cannot produce wheel timings more accurate than his computers

Forester claims that my Hybrid Roulette Computer can only process video at 30 frames per second, so it can never be as accurate as what his computer produces. His claim is addressed in the roulette computer forum thread here.

Basically to determine the speed of the ball, a simplistic roulette computer like his requires you to click a hidden button each time the ball completes a revolution. This is of course comes with significant errors. Specifically, there is approximately 50ms of error with each click. But my Hybrid device detects the ball multiple times on each revolution, and has only 1ms of error. So the Hybrid computer obtains timings that are 50 times more accurate than any computer that uses manual clicks of a button to establish timings.


There is much more to the story although it’s not relevant. For example, I took him to court because among other things, he drove 2000km to sit in front of my property and take photos for publishing. He also published a private address and various photos. The first judge ruled that although his behavior was “unacceptable” (pathetic) and consistent with the definition of stalking, it was not “serious enough” to charge him. Hear what the judge said. I met with Forester later, and he agreed to keep private material private. But he broke his word and continued to publish private photos, so I took him back to court. The second judge also said much the same thing, except warned him not to continue his conduct. He has since not published private material.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does Forester say your reviews of his device are a scam and all inaccurate?

My reviews are honest and accurate. But they don’t favor his product, which is why he attempts to discredit me. Keep in mind my reviews say much the same as what an independent reviewer found. The casino consultant Mike Barnett thoroughly tested two of Forester’s computers. He specifically found and stated they are NOT a threat to casinos. Forester lied about Mr Barnett’s review, and attempts to discredit him too. See more details at Review of FFZ device and Review of FFA device where you can see actual quotes from Mr Barnett.

Q. Why does Forester say your device is a scam?

He refers mostly to claims from Bago, which are false and you can verify this for yourself. His false claims are easily refuted if you personally visit me for a demonstration of my roulette computers. You can even see a comparison of his computers on the same wheel.

Q. What did Forester do to be considered “stalking”?

He traveled interstate to sit out front of my house and take photos, sent the photos to others to publish for them, and “bragged” about it on his forum. He also made false statements about me, while publishing a private addresses and photos, and encouraged others to undertake actions with the intention of stalking me. The property was owned by me and leased out as a rental property to tenants, but I didn’t live there. But he didn’t know this at the time. He also published and shared private and illegally obtained photos of me. He did more I wont bother mentioning, and he only narrowly escaped conviction. The judge specifically said that while his behavior was unacceptable and did fit the definition of stalking, it was not serious enough to warrant criminal charges.

Q. Exactly why does he attack you?

Mainly it’s how he competes in business. But he’s is an extremely arrogant person and wants everyone to believe he and his technology is best. I came to know him quite well in-person and understood the type of person he is. I sincerely believe in many ways, he is deluded. He also has a personal vendetta for a few reasons. Firstly, he suspected I sent photos of him to casinos, when I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t even know he suspected this until we met in person, then he told me. He is also upset because I published information to refute his false claims about me, and his son read it. Forester said it caused his son a lot of distress. All I did was address false claims, but he refused to accept responsibility because he made the false claims to begin with.

4 thoughts on “Forester (Miro Zirdum)”

  1. I have foresters vb system since long time ago and see on the forums everything. Heres is what I see. Forester makes up bullshit to make himself look good. I dont think its just a competition thing its also ego. He takes any chance to discredit any competitor, jafco, you, mark or whoever and I got tired of it. I know whole story. I know especially jafco and forester lies about him saying things I know are not true. Either forester is delusioned or just an idiot who wants everyone thinking his computers and vb are best. Truth is simple I know from other players in his forum with computers he has avergage computers and vb impossible to use. The more experienced guys prefer vb to his computer. Jafco vb is much easier and I get better results and he cant handle that so criticize Jafco and other competitors. I do not have your computer because cant afford it. Lately I think hes frustrated at complaints nobody making money and started bullshitting more about why everyone should buy his computers only. Only the new people on his forum still waste time but they learn soon. All the time he criticize others but only stupid people dont make money with his computers, but others easier to use and about same accuracy, its only if scatter is ok.Thats why he spends so much time talking about why he is best and hy everyone else is shit. Im telling amyone reading, forester is a bullshit artist. Im warning you he will lead you away from truth for his own ego and doesnt give shit about anyone but himself.

  2. And he say on his website that people with his products earn this.

    14% earn $100,000+
    11% about $50,000
    22% about $10,000

    Its bullshit because I know every person on his forum and nobody at all is making money thats why he sell his computer. A lot of people on his forum selling it back to other people.

  3. I see forester does a lot of talking about you. You are mentioned all over his forum and some personal ventetta is obvious. I know not to listen to a competitor but he says alot about how you went to jail and are convicted scammer. What can you say about that?

    1. Ron,

      1. I wasn’t convicted of scamming people. I was charged with recklessly, although accidentally, publishing inaccurate information about another company. I published my misunderstandings about the company’s press releases. I also published claims that, as per my research, the stock price would increase be 900% or more. The government thought it was misleading people. But after my court case, the stock value increased by 1,500%. It’s all a matter of public record so you can check for yourself. I cheated nobody. Anyone who purchased and held stock as per my advice would have profited. I am honest and have never cheated anyone.

      2. That case has NOTHING to do with my roulette computers. He knows it, but doesn’t care. He’ll use anything to discredit me.

      3. If you are interested in seeing if my computers work, then just see a demo for yourself. It’s much easier than reading all the crap and trying to figure out who’s telling the truth.

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